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Our Second Century Begins

To support the good work of our undergraduate brothers as the chapter moves into our second century on campus, the Psi Chapter Alumni Board of Trustees is embarking on an effort to support and enhance their experience. In keeping with the Credo of ZBT to promote Intellectual Awareness, Social Responsibility, Integrity, and Brotherly Love, through the Championing Our Second Century campaign we will accomplish this by raising $750,000 to provide support in three areas:

Academic Scholarships

In the last ten years, in-state tuition at the University of Alabama has risen by 114%, and 63% of the incoming freshman class needs some type of financial aid. We have several scholarships for Psi members today, but they do not meet the growing demand for tuition assistance. We will create new scholarship endowments within the Zeta Beta Tau Foundation to provide more merit-based scholarships, promoting a culture of academic excellence and supporting the best and the brightest in Psi Chapter.

Jewish Heritage & Leadership Training

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Zeta Beta Tau was founded as the world’s first Jewish fraternity, and Psi Chapter has for generations played an important role in Jewish life in the South. To continue that tradition, we will provide heritage programming for our young brothers, including the Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity’s Israel Advocacy Summit, educational programming to combat campus anti-Semitism, and chapter heritage programming grants.

The Greek world has wrestled with several disturbing issues in recent years – including risk management, substance abuse, unethical leadership – any of which could all easily impact Psi Chapter. Leadership training through Zeta Beta Tau programs is at the forefront of our response and it is designed to prepare students to lead—not only their chapters, but on campus, and in their communities long after graduation. An endowment for Jewish Heritage & Leadership Training will ensure that Psi Chapter remains a place where young Jewish men are comfortable, safe, and able to receive the full benefit of the fraternity leadership experience.

House Improvements

Psi Chapter membership has grown impressively in recent years. In 2007, the Chapter initiated 12 men; the trend has been upward ever since, with 41 men initiated last year. Thanks to renovations completed in 2012, more brothers than ever are choosing to live in the Chapter house. Improved living and study facilities will enhance the house and attract prospective members. Specifically, the basement will be transformed into a multi-use area, offering a new Study room, a Board room, and an expanded laundry facility

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Our Philanthropic Partner

To ensure that gifts are tax-deductible, we have partnered with the Zeta Beta Tau Foundation, a 501(c)3 public charity exclusively committed to educational and charitable purposes. All gifts to this effort will be directed to the Foundation, which will then utilize the contributions for the benefit of Psi Chapter in the manner designated by the donor

You Are Needed

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Brothers, the success of the Championing Our Second Century campaign depends upon all of us.

Each of us has been a part of the history of Psi Chapter, and will be part of its future as we move into our second century on campus. You now have an opportunity to participate in the next phase of our Chapter’s growth and success with other alumni in making an investment in this project. Please join us in ensuring that this vision endures, and that Psi Chapter remains an active and steadfast supporter of academic pursuits, leadership enhancement, Jewish life and heritage at the University of Alabama.